FUJISJ Escalator Experience Effortless Transportation with Advanced Technology

With the understanding and grasp of the pursuit of enjoyment of human nature, we create humanistic technology products.  Elevator has developed K series escalators that are stable, comfortable, efficient and energy-saving, bringing users a more comfortable, stable and safe ride. K series escalators are used in a wide range of occasions to meet the needs of different environments, and are suitable for commercial places such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, hotels, etc.

Product Detail

Bridges To Urban Mobility

FUSISJ escalator is manufactured with international advanced technology and advanced design concept. give full play to the characteristics of its convenience to provide passengers with a new sense of beauty and comfort In modern cities, the bridge of urban mobility is erected.


Reinforced glass guard, gorgeous comb panel lighting, firm and durable multi-color handrail belt.


High-strength metal construction builds precision dimensions, super-conscious aesthetic design perfectly combines with the building.


Automatic start-stop device, located near the floor board with automatic sensing sensors, can automatically sense detection and operation when passengers approach, and automatically stop when passengers leave.


Fitted with a fault display, it can accurately analyze the operation status and display it on the screen to ensure the prompt and effective maintenance.

Quality And Energy Saving

Efficient transmission, frequency conversion and energy saving
Compared with the traditional worm gear decelerator, the highly accurate and effective helical gear decelerator brings about the higher efficiency. It fully ensures the effective use of energy. It has variable frequency specifications, multiple modes to test the passenger flow. It automatically stops when nobody is in the elevator. It thus avoids invalid operation and saves the electric power.

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