Classification of elevator guide rails

Elevator guide rail is an elevator component composed of steel rail and connecting plate, which is divided into car guide rail and counterweight guide rail. From the shape of the section can be divided into T – type, L – type and hollow three forms. Guide rail in the role of guidance at the same time, bear the impact of car, elevator braking, safety pliers emergency braking impact. The size of these forces is related to the load and speed of the elevator, so the guide rail should be selected according to the speed and load of the elevator. Car guide rail is usually called the main rail, the heavy rail for the auxiliary rail.

Elevator guide rail

Elevator guides are divided into three categories: solid guides, counterweight hollow guides and escalator guides. Solid guide rail is a machined guide rail, which is made of guide rail profiles through machining guide surface and connecting parts. Its purpose is to provide guidance for the operation of the car in the elevator operation. Small specifications of solid guide rail are also used for reguiding. Solid guide specifications are many, according to the weight per meter can be divided into :8K, 13K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 50K, etc., according to the width of the guide plate can be divided into T45, T50, T70, T75, T78, T82, T89, T90, T114, T127, T140, etc.

The counterweight hollow guide is a cold-formed rolling guide, which is formed by the roll sheet through the multi-pass mold. It is mainly used for guiding the counterweight in the elevator operation. The hollow guide can be divided into TK3 and TK5 according to the weight per meter, and the straight edge and flanging according to the end face shape of the guide can be divided into TK5 and TK5A

Escalator guide rail is a cold-formed rolling guide rail, which is mainly used to support and guide the steps of escalators and automatic walks. Each escalator enterprise uses various section shapes of escalator guides according to its own design needs, that is, it uses its own standards of escalator guides

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