Classification of sliding guide boots

1. Rigid sliding guide boots

Rigid sliding guide boots, as shown in Figure 1, mainly consist of boot lining and boot seat. The boot seat should have enough strength and stiffness, and should have better vibration damping, so the boot seat commonly used gray cast iron manufacturing; Because the plate welding structure is simple to manufacture, it is also commonly used in the form of plate welding structure. In the counterweight guide boots of sundry elevator and low-speed elevator, it can be seen that the shoe lining is made of Angle steel. According to its structure, it can be divided into monomer type and compound type. The single shoe lining is made of a wear reducing material, graphite nylon is the commonly used material. Composite boot lining, the lining body is made of a higher strength lightweight material, and the working face is covered with a layer of anti-wear material, which not only reduces mass, but also saves quality material. The lining body of the composite boot lining is usually made of glass fiber, and the covering material is usually molybdenum disulfide. Rigid sliding guide boots with good stiffness, strong bearing capacity, generally used in low speed ladder or low speed large tonnage elevator. In order to improve the sliding performance, lubricating oil lubrication is needed, so there is a bracket for placing the oil cup on the guide shoe.

Because the boot is fixed, there is a certain gap between the guide boot and the guide rail, the longer the use time, the greater the gap, the car movement will have shaking and impact, so it is only used for the speed of less than 2.0m/s elevator.

2. Elastic sliding guide boots

The elastic sliding guide shoe, as shown in Figure 2, consists of a boot seat, boot tip, boot lining, boot shaft, compression spring or rubber, adjusting sleeve or adjusting nut. This kind of guide shoe is mostly used in the speed of 2.0m/s or less on the elevator.


Post time: May-22-2023

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