Elevator flat floor does not open the door solution

Elevator flat floor does not open the door to solve

First; the elevator car door closing in place magnetic switch is bad or the elevator itself does not detect the closing in place signal, which leads to the elevator does not open the door.
Second; the door area photoelectric switch is bad that the door machine system or door area circuit is faulty. When the elevator reaches the door area, the main board does not detect the door area signal so that the elevator does not open the door.
If the computer automatically dispatched ladder or enter the special function (fire, security services) open or not open the door computer program to decide. Normal open the door to meet the door zone + speed control (high-speed is not possible to open the door), the level does not open the door first see if there is allowed to open the signal from the computer board, no, check the door zone sensor and speed link (some manufacturers elevator to out 0 speed to open the door), open the door signal but not open the door to check the switch door control components (relay or switch tube, cable, door machine controller, open the door in place switch or door machine encoder)

The reason why elevator leveling often does not open the door

1. open the door limit action is not normal, often false action, resulting in not opening the door.
2. The door machine has a problem, the door machine mechanical jam or door machine inverter failure.
3. Open the door relay has a problem.
4. The motherboard reported a fault, some faults will lead to the motherboard output all cut off, including the switch door.
5. Closing button jammed, now the full serial motherboard program, for the closing button jammed, the elevator can still open the door in place after the stop, but our PLC control program, closing button jammed, may lead to the elevator to the station does not open the door.
6. The elevator is on the wrong floor, open the door on other floors, outside the hall mistakenly think that the door is not open at the station.
7. Individual floor leveling sensors are not inserted deep enough, and the door will not open.

Brief description of the prediction of elevator leveling without opening the door

Example 1: Misoperation of the first floor fireman’s switch
Phenomenon: When someone mistakenly or maliciously touches the elevator fireman’s switch when the elevator is running with people on board, the elevator will automatically return to the first floor to execute the open door command, and then the elevator will need to manually touch the open button to open the door when the elevator closes again and runs to the floor designated by the occupant.
Example 2: Not choosing the floor after entering the car
Phenomenon: When the elevator rider enters the elevator car and makes a phone call or two people chat and so on without choosing the specified floor, the elevator will automatically close the ventilation fan and lighting to enter the hibernation state after 60 seconds, which will be mistaken for elevator trapped fault.
Example 3: There are miscellaneous things in the door of a floor
Phenomenon: When the elevator runs to the designated floor, there is debris in the floor of the hall door (resulting in incorrect clearance of the floor door lock or the floor door being stuck), the elevator will execute the open door command three times, and if it cannot detect the open door signal in place, it will enter the fault state and ensure that the elevator cannot be started again by the elevator staff.
Example 4: Speed change switch failure
Phenomenon: When the speed switch is stuck with debris and cannot be reset, the elevator will also enter the safety mode.
Example 5: Unexplained death
Phenomenon: The electrical components are affected by the heat, vibration and current factors of the environment, which lead to the crash. The stability of the hardware or software can also cause the machine to die. This case requires on-site investigation to determine the specific cause of failure.

Example 1: Damage to the level sensor causes the elevator to enter safety mode because the level height data cannot be detected.

Example 2: The elevator enters safety mode because the speed data cannot be detected due to the damage of the speed sensor.

Example 3: The elevator stops running due to the interruption of the safety circuit, and the elevator is in hidden danger. The elevator immediately enters the safety mode to ensure that the elevator does not run in hidden danger, which ensures the personal safety of the passengers. This kind of situation needs to check the fault point on site, such emergency stop state will make the elevator riders feel panic, but also unpredictable failure.


Brief description of elevator hibernation mode: The elevator enters hibernation state within a specified period of time when no one is called to run, and the lighting and ventilation fan in the elevator will be closed at this time.

Brief description of elevator safety mode: When the elevator hardware or software detects a fault point in the elevator, it will stop running immediately.


Post time: Aug-10-2022

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