Elevator triangle key! It’s really not for everyone!

It has become a common understanding among many that one key can only open one lock. But there is a key, one key can open many locks! Have you ever seen it



It’s a special key for emergency elevators

But it’s not available to everyone

Only authorized and approved professionals

To use the triangle key

Turn on the emergency lockpick

Otherwise, open the elevator door at will

May cause serious injury accident


In the relevant national standards of elevator, the elevator door lock and closure inspection items, there are very strict standard requirements for the protection of personnel falling danger, the protection of personnel being cut, the lock and emergency unlocking of the door, and the verification of the lock and closure state, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of personnel near the elevator door.

The purpose of setting the emergency unlocking device for the elevator floor door is to provide operating conditions for installation, maintenance and rescue.

Why can’t you just use the triangle elevator key?


First of all, the elevator triangle key is professional and must be given to a trained or authorized professional. Even if used by a professional, the key should come with written instructions detailing the precautions that must be taken to prevent a possible accident if the lock is not effectively relocked after opening.

Secondly, the elevator triangle key has the versatility, to ensure that the personnel dealing with public emergency or security affairs can use. For example, trained elevator maintainers can open the doors of any brand of elevator floor by carrying only a key. The above shows: a triangle key that can open a number of locks, not everyone can use. Remember that! Remember that! Remember that!

What are the dangers of unauthorized use by non-professionals?

If the door lock on the floor is opened during the normal operation of the elevator and the elevator protection device is started, the elevator is forced to stop the operation of emergency braking, which may cause injuries to people in the car.

Because an elevator shaft is a vertical channel, opening the floor door blindly if you could not effectively determine the location of the cage would cause the man doing the lock or someone nearby to fall into the shaft. If serious, he would be seriously injured or die.


Today, this key is about respect for the profession, responsibility for safety, respect for life, and responsibility for society.

For the triangle key management, in addition to the elevator installation and maintenance units, the most important thing should be the use of the elevator management units, to ensure that the key can not be unauthorized non-professionals. In this way, the possible serious injury accident can be avoided.

Post time: Dec-05-2022

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