Indonesia Receives Shipment of FUJISJ Home Elevator

Home elevator shipped to Indonesia

FUJISJ shipment itinerary, today’s elevator will be shipped to Indonesia, thanks to our staff, and thanks to the support of our customers, FUJISJ elevator will continue to make elevators with craftsmanship, and every product will be tested and sent to your hands.

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ecoming FUJISJ agent, you can enjoy:
1.The main parts traction machine, control cabinet, door machine warranty for SIX years.
2.Consuming parts are provided free of charge within FIVE years.
3. 50% discount for ordering the first unit complete elevator (limit seats for new agent).
4. Deal Reward.
5. Special Contribution Award.
6. Free Catalogue, sample book, magazine.
7. Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale full-process tracking service.


Post time: Jul-20-2022

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