What is the difference between ARD and UPS?

Both ARD and UPS are elevator power failure emergency equipment, but most users have difficulty distinguishing the difference between the two.


What is an elevator ARD system?

In order to improve the reliability of elevator operation and avoid the phenomenon of elevator shutting down due to power failure of external power grid, which will cause physical and psychological damage to passengers, the automatic rescue device for elevator power failure, referred to as ARD, is specially developed.

ARD is a backup emergency power system in addition to the original elevator control and frequency conversion system.

ARD has the characteristics of simple installation and wiring, convenient debugging and high cost performance.

When the mains grid fails, the ARD will automatically put into operation within the set time, and slowly run the elevator car in the direction of light load to the nearest station to level, open the door, and release passengers.


What is an elevator UPS?

The elevator UPS uses three-phase power and powers the elevator while charging the battery. This electronic device can be better described as an efficient power backup solution for elevators. Elevator UPS is manufactured by considering several important factors, such as the duration of a common outage, the capacity of the hoist motor, the type of elevator, whether it will be used in a residential or commercial area, etc.


What is the difference between ARD and UPS used in elevators?

ARD is an accident handling device in the power supply system. It is turned on after power failure, leveling and opening the door nearby.

UPS power supply can achieve uninterrupted power supply in the event of a sudden power failure to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Post time: May-16-2022

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