Winter: How have elevator breakdowns become more frequent?

Windy “blowing” broken elevator

The strong wind in winter has a certain influence on the closing of elevator doors.

The power of elevator door motor is usually matched with the weight of car door and hall door, and there is no problem to drive the car door and hall door under normal circumstances, but due to the influence of air convection, the cold air will enter the elevator shaft through the corridor, garage, basement and other entrances and exits, and the wind exerts pressure on the gap of the hall door door, which leads to the large closing resistance, and the original set closing torque of the motor cannot make the elevator on part of the floor. The hall door is completely closed, and the elevator control system detects that the elevator door is not closed normally, and in order to protect the safety of passengers from being squeezed or sheared, the car will not open the door and run, thus producing the illusion of “fault” that the elevator does not run.


This phenomenon is actually the elevator shaft “chimney effect” caused by high air pressure at low levels into the wind, the higher the air pressure at high levels out of the wind, the higher the floor more obvious, mainly in the lower and higher levels.

What can be done to diminish the impact of the chimney effect?

1. usually set up a front room or partition in the elevator waiting room is a very effective way.
2. If the elevator door is directly facing the unit door, it is suggested that the property should add wind-blocking door curtain, and the occupants should also close the door with their hands to directly reduce the wind directly impacting the hall door. However, if there is a long time wind blowing the door, you can also consider the elevator running time adjustment.
3. can also adjust the strength of the hall door self-closing device or reset the elevator door machine parameters to increase the closing torque to weaken the impact of high winds on the normal closing of the elevator.

Heating pipe bursts, water freezes in the elevator

Due to the cooling, some district management did not do a good job in advance of the indoor water pipes and fire hose insulation and anti-freezing measures (owners also need to pay attention from time to time whether the water pipes at home rupture leakage, etc.), resulting in heating pipe burst, the elevator into the water icing, resulting in damage to the elevator accessories, such as the discovery of please promptly inform the property, the property needs to promptly post a notice, contact the district maintenance master in the past with the stop ladder pumping, such as the elevator water are drained, the elevator for inspection and maintenance to ensure that the elevator are normal operation.

According to statistics, there has been an increase in the number of trapped people and breakdowns caused by unstable voltage due to cold and freezing weather in winter, dead elevators, and frozen water pipes leading to water in the shafts.


Post time: Sep-08-2022

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