FUJISJ Efficient and Convenient Escalator Basic

Fujisj has been manutactured accoding to the standard of Europe and China.  We apply fashionable and novel design style,  new materials and advanced techniques to produce escalator series which is combined with technology and art perfectly. Among which the 35° ones can save space for you and the 30°ones can give you excellent convaying comfort. Fujisj escalators will serve you wonderully at shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and any other places with large passenger flows at any time.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Step width 600mm,800mm,1000mm
Speed 0.5M/S~0.75M/S
Inclination angle 30°,35°
Maximum lifting height 50M


Records and displays

The fault display in the control cabinet monitors the operating status in real time, records and displays the fault code in a timely manner.

The energy saving effect is significant

The optional variable frequency drive control can automatically control the operating speed according to the passenger flow, and the energy saving effect is significant.

Makes the operation smoother and quieter

The roller has a built-in roller step chain, which reduces the noise during drive operation and makes the operation smoother and quieter.

Provide passengers with meticulous care

The yellow safety frame and all-stainless steel step design provide passengers with meticulous care.

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