FUJISJ Freight Elevator for Vertical Transportation of Heavy Goods

Freight elevator exist for everything, so that the weight can break through the height limit, and it is always ready for extraordinary transportation.

Simple decoration, strong and durable, carrying huge energy. It solves the limitation of space, and transports the goods to the height required by customers safely and stably.

Product Detail

"Porters" For Logistics Transportation

With a strong bearing capacity to serve as a building cargo, to complete each heavy responsibility with a safe and secure system, to efficiently serve the ability to carry out the transportation mission.



The multi-fold landing and car door is adopted, which can achieve the maximum opening width.


Fuji freight elevator has the characteristics of smooth cargo loading, firm and durable car, accurate leveling, and one-step transportation.


The machine room-less freight elevator maximizes the use of shaft space and saves building area.

Quality Guarantee and Service

6-year warranty on three major parts.

Our Fuji lifts are backed by a 6-year warranty for Traction machine,integrated controller and door operator.These three parts are most important parts for an elevator,we are confident on our product quality!

5 years free replacement for consuming parts.

Global brand Fuji elevator,surpassing the industry rules,provides free elevator consuming parts for five years.It’s nothing to worry lack of parts when elevator in maintenance or repairing.We deliver a box of spare parts for free,to ensure your urgent requirement for consuming parts.

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