FUJISJ Traction Home Elevator For Vertical Transportation

FUJISJ Traction Home Elevator uses the same technology as commercial buildings, has the same shock absorption and safety. No need for a machine room,it saves the square footage of your home and adds to its value.

This elevator has different styles of cabin decoration as shown in our catalogue, other customized decorations can be ordered.

Product Detail


FUJISJ-- creator of feltless elevator, what is feltless elevator? In a word, you don’t have feeling when elevator start and stop running. That means Smooth,Quiet and Safe.

Fuji elevator, the world’s first elevator company that integrates {Program design,perception technology + AI intelligence} into the elevator field, combines mechanical structure design to achieve feltless lift.


The elevator runs smoothly up and down, as smoothly as touching silk, and reaches your target floor in moments.


Whether you are a child, an elderly person or a person with a disability, you can be 100% safe and relive the peace of mind that comes from lying in arms of your mother.


No noise, no disturbance, independent space, quiet enjoyment. Bring you a silent experience of riding the elevator.

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Quality Guarantee and Service

6-year warranty on three major parts.

Our Fuji lifts are backed by a 6-year warranty for Traction machine,integrated controller and door operator.These three parts are most important parts for an elevator,we are confident on our product quality!

5 years free replacement for consuming parts.

Global brand Fuji elevator,surpassing the industry rules,provides free elevator consuming parts for five years.It’s nothing to worry lack of parts when elevator in maintenance or repairing.We deliver a box of spare parts for free,to ensure your urgent requirement for consuming parts.

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