All-in-one controller will appear Err94 – 104 fault alarm _( after-sales handling case)

Sudanese customers 4 layers and 4 stations, electromagnetic sliding door elevator, customer feedback back to the site installation when the commissioning process encountered problems, our company’s technical staff real-time online guidance for households.



Problem 1: After the installation of mechanical appliances by customers, debugging is carried out, and when the power is connected, the integrated controller will show Err94–104 fault alarm. After feedback to our technical personnel, the fault code indicates that the system and the digital display board inside the car have failed to be certified. There are two reasons for this fault code, the first one is that the digital display board inside the car is not connected, and the second one is that the dial code address on the back of the digital display board is not set correctly. The two reasons are explained to the customer one by one and the customer is instructed to investigate. When the customer checked, he found that the plug-in of the digital display board inside the car was not connected, and after connecting the plug-in with the board, the fault disappeared and the debugging work continued.


Problem 2: When the elevator is running upward during the debugging process, Err38-105 fault code appears in the integrated controller, which is explained as the lower deceleration switch is effective and the lower limit switch acts when the elevator is running upward. We explained the fault code to the customer in detail and instructed him to check the wiring of the upper and lower deceleration switches, upper and lower limit switches and the parameter setting of the elevator shaft deceleration switch and limit switch step by step. First of all, after checking the parameters, there was no problem and the parameters were correct. In the process of checking the wiring, it was found that the upper deceleration switch and upper limit switch were wired opposite to the lower deceleration switch and lower limit switch, resulting in errors being detected when the shaft signal was passed to the integrated controller. After guiding the customer to modify the wrong wiring method with reference to the wiring diagram and testing the switch signals normally one by one, the elevator commissioning was carried out normally and completed successfully.
In the installation of new elevator in each project, commissioning is a very important step, but in the commissioning, we will encounter many unknown reasons that lead to unsuccessful commissioning, there are parameters not set correctly, there are cable connection errors. Our company arranges professional engineers with a very mature after-sales problem handling process to answer and solve all kinds of problems encountered by customers in the project.


Post time: Aug-15-2022

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