Elevator procurement in the end how to choose? In addition to the brand, you need to know these!

Elevator procurement in the end how to choose? In addition to the brand, you need to know these!

 Nowadays, buyers need to master more and more category knowledge, and not only to know the expertise, but also to talk about prices. The greatest value of the purchaser is to buy high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

 In contact with small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, many buyers usually have a general headache for one category, that is, elevator procurement.

 First, because the technical threshold of elevators is very high, the procurement process is relatively complex; second, the price of elevators fluctuates greatly, and it is easy to lose money if you are not careful. In addition, the elevator has become the construction project just need to support, so for the procurement of people, mastering excellent elevator procurement skills, is essential.

 Huge potential for elevator demand, tough task for purchasers

 After years of development, China has become a major country in the production and sales of elevators. At present, China ranks first in the world in terms of production and sales volume of both elevator machine products and elevator accessories products. According to the latest data, the production and sales volume of elevators in China will be about 1.05 million units in 2020, an increase of 7% year-on-year.


With the large-scale economic construction, China’s elevator manufacturing industry has stepped into a high-speed development stage. China’s elevator ownership rose from 1.625 million units in 2010 to 8 million units in 2020, with a nearly five-fold increase in total volume and a compound annual growth rate of 17.28%.


Although China has become the country with the largest number of elevators in the world, the number of elevators per capita is only 1/3 of the world average, which shows that the Chinese elevator market is far from saturated and the demand for elevator-related services is still very urgent.

 From the perspective of the domestic construction market, elevators, as the most basic standard product, put forward more stringent requirements for purchasers, who not only need to have basic elevator knowledge, brand recognition and market insight, but also need to be able to propose practical procurement solutions according to project positioning, save corresponding procurement costs, and cooperate with the engineering department to complete the final delivery of elevators and properly arrange for the maintenance services after the products are put into use. The docking of maintenance services should be properly arranged after the products are put into use.

 Today’s article firstly helps you to choose the right elevator for your project from the perspective of selection.

 Speed, load, machine room, traction machine

 Four elements to quickly lock the elevator gears

 The real test of the purchaser’s skills lies in the mastery and control of the configuration. At present, the use scenarios of public elevators mainly include hotels, office buildings, residences and shopping malls, and even in similar scenarios, the requirements for elevator specifications are different according to the project positioning.

 Generally speaking, high-end hotels, Grade A office buildings, luxury residences and large shopping malls will choose high-grade elevator products, and as the positioning of the project sinks, the configuration will be adjusted downward accordingly. Some people may feel that it is not more economical to directly choose the elevator of a big brand?

 In fact, the brand is only used as a reference, just like first-line brands have basic models, second- and third-line brands also have high-grade versions, do not blindly recognize only the brand and ignore the configuration.


The selection of elevator grade mainly refers to four major factors: elevator speed, load capacity, type of machine room and type of traction machine. The faster the elevator speed and the greater the load capacity, the higher the price; the type of machine room is divided into three kinds: large machine room, small machine room and no machine room; the type of traction machine is divided into two kinds: traditional turbine vortex and new permanent magnet synchronous.

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The size of the machine room is similar to the computer we commonly use. The elevator with machine room is equivalent to a desktop computer, and the elevator without machine room is equivalent to a laptop, and the higher the integration, the higher the price naturally.

 The new permanent magnet synchronous traction machine has the advantages of energy saving, small size, smooth operation at low speed, low noise, maintenance-free, etc. Compared with the traditional turbine vortex traction machine, the price difference between the two models of the same brand is usually between 10,000 and 30,000 RMB.

 Here, by the way, I would like to mention the requirements of the relevant national standards on elevator speed, the height of the building and the elevator speed have the following correspondence.


Office buildings need at least 1 elevator for every 3,400 square meters; hotels have relatively small crowd flow and dispersed personnel travel, so 1 elevator can be configured for every 100 rooms; residences determine the number of elevators according to the number of households, and 1 elevator can meet the needs of buildings with 3 families per floor, or 1 elevator for every 50 families.

 Focus on the elevator “face” and “inside”

 After determining the general range of elevator brands and basic parameters such as operating speed, load capacity and number of elevator units according to the project positioning, you can further select the specific functional configuration from the product perspective.

 The functional components of an elevator can be categorized into 6 major systems: traction machine system, control cabinet system, door machine system, safety components, shaft components and other components. The classification criteria here are not completely fixed and are for your reference only.



With these 6 systems, the elevator only has the basic operation function, but it can’t meet people’s demand for elevator quality nowadays, and then it faces the problem of decoration matching and function matching. We can understand it this way: the decoration matching determines the face value of the elevator, and the function matching determines the inner of the elevator.

  Decorative options include car door, car wall, ceiling (ceiling), floor, handrail and other parts, and the range of options includes material, color, size, treatment process, with or without additions, etc.


The decoration style of the elevator can directly affect the first impression of the project, for example, the elevator of a five-star hotel gives a feeling of opulence, the elevator of a Grade A office building gives a feeling of business atmosphere, and the elevator of a high-end residential building gives a feeling of quality and style.

 When choosing the decoration scheme of the elevator, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes of the elevator load and space scale caused by the decoration, and let the supplier consider the reserved load and reserved thickness into the elevator selection scheme in advance and give the corresponding comprehensive quotation.

 The more decorative options are not the better, otherwise it is easy to add to the problem and let the money go down the drain. Take the handrail in the car for example, the role of the handrail is mainly for the elderly, children to support, to further protect the safety of the elevator. If only to “not wrong”, the default to all elevators installed handrails, a project less loss of tens of thousands of yuan, more than hundreds of thousands of additional costs.

  Function selection, that is, the personalized operation of the elevator is optional, mainly including control mode, signal device, special function, freight elevator function, high-end function, sightseeing function and other aspects.


The signaling device is the part with the most personalization options. A complete set of signaling device usually consists of call panel, push button, car control box, arrival light, arrival bell, floor pointers, and each part has several or even a dozen different types of options available.


There are group control, parallel control and single control; special functions are mainly for hotel scenes that may be used such as double-click to cancel, IC card induction and open the door in advance; if there is a demand for goods transportation, long time opening function should be considered; the purpose of layer selection system and gate linkage is mostly used in high-end office buildings; for vertical elevators used in shopping malls, whether sightseeing function is needed must also be considered.

 Similar to the decoration option, the function option is not much better. For example, the function of voice announcement is more suitable for public places with more complicated elevator riders, such as hotels and office buildings. In the selection, do not pursue the so-called “grand” and add some additional functions with low frequency of use or demand, increasing unnecessary costs.

 Concluding remarks

 Although the procurement of elevators has many details and strong professionalism, as long as the three dimensions of brand, fixed configuration and optional configuration are controlled, the reasonable positioning of elevator quality can be basically completed, and there will not be high quality and low quality or low quality and high quality.

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