Fuji Elevator went to Qatar to provide after-sales technical support

Professional service guarantee capabilities are a key factor in testing the brand’s core value commitment, and are also the development engine for enterprises to shape their brand image and promote business growth. After-sales service system, after-sales service team and solutions, as well as customers’ after-sales service experience, after-sales service, as an important link connecting customers, has always been the focus of Fuji.

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The secret of Fuji Elevator’s rapid growth in overseas markets based on customer reputation is inseparable from its insistence on high-quality after-sales service. With keen market insight, we have created a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system and established an after-sales service team with complete technical knowledge, advanced service concepts and rich practical experience. In terms of after-sales service, Fuji not only provides technical support to customers, but also regularly visits customers.

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While ensuring product advancement, reliability, and stability, Fuji Elevator strives to provide customers with more direct and efficient assistance in terms of technical support and after-sales service. Recently, the regional manager and after-sales technical manager went to Qatar to carry out technical support and after-sales return visits, kicking off Fuji Elevator’s “Quality Journey” in the overseas market.

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In this after-sales service, the regional manager provided customers with in-depth explanations of market operation planning and analysis of common sales problems and other related training. The after-sales technical manager conducted installation training, debugging training, operation training and maintenance training for construction personnel.
At the training site, the after-sales technical team listened carefully to the customer’s needs and gave an in-depth and detailed explanation of the working principles, technical highlights, and installation processes of the product design, helping the construction personnel quickly master the mechanical inspection and parameters of nearly 40 delivered products. Optimization and other methods, common troubleshooting techniques and solutions were taught on site. After the training, they went to the elevator installation site to provide point-to-point product debugging and maintenance guidance. With their excellent professional skills and business level, they were well received by local customers.

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Guaranteed consumer experience is Fuji’s highest respect for customers, and it also represents Fuji’s confidence in its products. In the future, Fuji will continue to be customer demand-oriented, bring high-quality products and services to global partners, help enhance customers’ commercial value, build a value community with global partners, and create a new pattern of win-win development.

Post time: Dec-07-2023

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