Technical principle of elevator car movement protection device

Unexpected movement of the car is mainly reflected in the car movement in the unlocked area and in the open state. During the operation of the car, whether it is the drive system or any component failure in the host, or due to the operation error, it will lead to the accidental movement of the car, which poses a serious threat to the life safety of passengers. In this regard, an accidental movement protection device should be set, so that accidental movement failure can be effectively prevented and eliminated by setting the car or operating system, etc., to reduce the risk of elevator accidents. The main objectives of the operation of this device are: to start the protection device when the elevator car door is opened, and to enable the protection device to continue to operate when the car door is closed until the elevator stops. The device has strong preventive and salvage functions, the former can avoid accidental movement of the car, and the latter can stop the car in time in case of accidental movement. The technical principle of the device is: when the car door is opened and passengers enter the car, at this time, the function of the device is activated, and the car is fixed reliably on the elevator rail by means of sensor signal control, so that the car will not move accidentally. After the car door is closed, the sensor will start the signal to reset the car protection device, and then the car continues to run so that the car door and the protection device can run synchronously to achieve the effect of real-time protection.

Post time: Dec-19-2022

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