The working principle and structure of traction elevator

Elevator in specific operation, the elevator on both sides of the equipment is the car and counterweight, in the elevator rising process, the wire rope because of the traction machine by the traction force toward the bottom of the rolling, and constantly repeat the descent of the operation. Through the role of the car and the counterweight, the elevator in the running state will produce the corresponding traction, the size of the traction does not differ, but the direction of the opposite, this time the elevator will be in a uniform speed running state. In the elevator carries the number of people and the elevator stays in the place where there is a big difference in the case, the car and the counterweight will be in their own direction to produce different traction, which will lead to the elevator in a non-equilibrium state. This and the wire rope slipping there is a great correlation between the wire rope and the traction rope groove static friction between the two in the peak situation, the wire rope is very easy to slip, which leads to the stability of the elevator and the decline in safety. The traction elevator is mainly composed of traction system, guiding system, door system, car, weight balance system, electric traction system, electric control system, safety protection system and other systems. The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, wire rope, guide sheave and counter rope sheave.

Post time: Mar-22-2024

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