What should I pay attention to in elevator safety management during extreme weather?

Rainy weather


Property management units and maintenance units should actively do a good job in flood control, check whether the elevator rain and moisture control devices are functioning properly, keep the doors and windows of the elevator machine room closed to avoid rainwater entering the machine room and causing damage to electrical equipment or short circuit.
The maintenance unit should cooperate with the user unit to do a good job in waterproofing the elevator shaft, dredging the drainage system and clearing the water in the bottom pit in time. The using unit should also promptly clear the rainwater brought into the car by the passenger’s rain gear to avoid people slipping and falling on the one hand, and to prevent water from flowing into the shaft along the gaps and causing elevator failure on the other.

High Temperature Weather


If the machine room is poorly ventilated, it is easy to trigger the failure of the control cabinet electronic board, inverter and other electrical components due to high temperature. To this end, the use of units to strengthen the ventilation and heat dissipation in the elevator machine room, if necessary, the installation of air conditioning and other ventilation equipment.
Maintenance units should strengthen the inspection of the electrical control system and key parts, and repair or replace them in time when abnormalities occur. Strengthen the inspection of the wiring of the cabin air conditioner, fan and other ventilation devices to ensure good ventilation in the cabin in case of emergency.

Maintenance units and user units should pay attention to weather forecasts, strengthen monitoring and early warning, prepare for extreme weather in advance, and reduce the occurrence of weather-related elevator traps and failures.
The using unit should take measures in advance to improve the awareness of elevator use management in response to extreme bad weather, strengthen the safety inspection of elevators, find abnormalities and immediately stop using and inform the maintenance and timely maintenance; establish and improve the prevention of extreme bad weather equipment and emergency rescue plans to effectively respond to and deal with sudden failures of elevators in extreme bad weather.

Maintenance units should strengthen maintenance, increase the frequency of inspection of electrical components, find that humidity may lead to short circuit or insulation performance should be dried, regularly conduct functional tests of short circuit protection and various electrical safety protection devices, and keep electrical control devices in an effective state.

Post time: Sep-15-2022

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