FUJISJ Additional Elevator Outdoor for Effortless Vertical Transportation

FUJISJ Outdoor Elevators are suitable for a variety of weather conditions and are easy to install, supporting steel structure or aluminum alloy panoramic glass shaft, both practicality and aesthetics.
Outdoor installation is a great alternative when you do not have enough space to fit a elevator inside your home.

Product Detail

Outdoor Elevator


Old buildings lead to various reasons, and traditional elevators can not adapt to the conditions on the scene. FUSISJ adopts an integrated production and a one-time molding process to make the steel structure organic combination with the elevator equipment and construction safer. Does not affect the original construction pipes, line devices, etc..

The main part of the elevator frame and the elevator equipment are all integrated in the manufacturing factory. The site only needs to install and test the entire machine, and the fastest installation can be completed in 5 days, which is convenient and fast.High security.

FUJISJ outdoor elevators continue to use its exclusive "senseless" technology,allowing you to experience our ultra-sensitive elevator ride while witnessing the efficient installation of an outdoor elevator.

Quality Guarantee and Service

6-year warranty on three major parts.

Our Fuji lifts are backed by a 6-year warranty for Traction machine,integrated controller and door operator.These three parts are most important parts for an elevator,we are confident on our product quality!

5 years free replacement for consuming parts.

Global brand Fuji elevator,surpassing the industry rules,provides free elevator consuming parts for five years.It’s nothing to worry lack of parts when elevator in maintenance or repairing.We deliver a box of spare parts for free,to ensure your urgent requirement for consuming parts.

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