FUJISJ Comfortable and Fashion Home Elevator Pro

Fujisj home elevator meets the requirement of green environmental protection of the European standard and applies permanent magnet synchronous gearless small traction machine; The superiority of the layout(machine roomless)assures the installation of the home elevator without restictions of the machine room space, which provides more choices of free designing the building. Designed specifically for the house, the car and home integrate as one, which improves the taste of the building, and shows the premier identity of the owner.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 260KG~400KG
Speed 0.3M/S~1.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 23M


Safe and secure, multiple care

(1)Preset phone line inside car, to ensure the access security of the families;
(2)Emergency call system, for people asking for help in emergency.

Green energy-conserving, healthy living

(1)PM gearless synchronous traction machine, high efficiency and energy saving, only require 220V regular voltage, which is equal to one unit of refrigerate;
(2)Ultra-low electromagnetic design, radiation free, no influence to the health of the families;
(3)Silence design, no influence to the daily life and rest.

Stable travel up and down, carry comfortable to home

(1)VVVF frequency and transformer speed adjust technology, and intelligent accurate statistics, to realize stable speed change;
(2)Apply smooth travel route, and according to people sensor responses, to increase the comfort of traveling.

Perfect design, aesthetics display

(1)Machine roomless space design, flexible and compact structure, lmprove the spatial use, integrate the architecture artfully;
(2)Customized decoration, match the style of home decoration, lmprove the taste of architecture, showing the quality and style.

ARD power failure emergency automatic rescue

When the power supply is lost accidentally, the ARD system automatically turns on the standby power supply, lights up the emergency light, and opens the elevator door on the nearest flat floor.

LED automatic lighting

The LED lighting device in the car has soft and bright light, low heat, safety, high efficiency, and no radiation, which  is conducive to long-term use, and the system will automatically turn off when elevator is idle and not in use, which is green and environmentally friendly.

Traction Drive & Forced Drive

Traction Drive Elevator

The drive host of the elevator is located at the top of the shaft, and the two main rails are located on the left and right sides of the car. Because the forces on both sides are balanced, the elevator runs more smoothly and the ride comfort is more perfect. Currently, composite steel belt traction and wire rope traction products are available.

Forced Drive Elevator

· High efficiency gearbox and high efficiency permanent mognet motor are combined to realize high efficiency operation without counterweight;
· The main engine is miniaturized and lightwelight, which can adapt to the smallest well path. Meanwhile, the height of the top floor, the depth of the bottom pit and the utilization rate of the well path all achieve the best effect.
· The permanent magnet motor is equipped with control cabinet for core sealing. After mechanical or electric brake is released, the elevator will operate at a speed lower than 0.1m/s, which is safe and reliable.

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