FUJISJ Efficient And Convenient Dumbwaiter Elevator Pro

Fujisj dumbwaiter elevators can provide fast, convenient and economical vertical transport in the building, and greatly save time and human resources, which can be widely used in hotels, banks, hospitals and other places for the delivery of goods, such as food, tableware and daily necessities.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 100KG~300KG
Type Window, Floor


Slide-way with novel design

Double section-material special-purpose slide-ways are of unique design. It connects with running through door slider. lt strengthens the smooth elevator door opening. It also reduces door-plank gap. lt is convenient for adjustment.

Transport your small goods stably

We apply advanced technical computer panel control and novel crafts design, which can transport your small goods stably.

The spatial use factor is high

Also we apply hairline stainless steel for cars and landing door which is luxurious and graceful. And it's easy to install and the spatial use factor is high.

Meet the individual needs

We have window-type for goods in and out directly, also we have floor-type for freight car accessing, to meet the individual needs.

Save space and realize the prefect and economic transport

(1)lt covers small space and doesn't need strong civil carrying capacity, especially for the vertical convey of food and small goods.
(2)lt is safe and practical and can be flexibly operated and easily maintained. The elevator can provide perfect and economical design for both old and new buildings.

Diversified lift car design

Many lift car designs and materials are provided for the customer to choose freely, which, to the greatest extent, meets the personalized selection of architectural style and taste.

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