FUJISJ Reliable and Comfortable Moving Walk Pro

To solve the problem of city’s traffic and passenger centralization, Fujisj carefuly considered the layout of buildings and the psychological needs of passengers, and introduced advanced manutacturing technology and design ideals. We developed and manufactured moving walks series products which combined practical functions and decorative visual effects, which afford stable and comfortable convoying experience for the shopping malls, stations, docks, airports, shopping centers, recreation centers, galleries etc.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Step width 800mm,1000mm
Speed 0.5M/S
Inclination angle 0°,12°
Maximum lifting height 6.5M


Unique security protection features

Special traction machines with peculiar safety protection function which can improve efficiency and make the run more stable.

Automatically detect and switch to energy saving mode

The optional photo-cell sensor device can detect the no-load running of moving walk automatically and transfer to energy saving mode, which will save 10~40% energy.

System monitoring to detect safety hazards in a timely manner

Micro-computer control system monitors the running conditions of moving walk comprehensively, so as to find and remove any hidden danger of security and reduce maintaining time.

Skid-resistant channel

The design of skid-resistant channel greatly improves the skid-resistance and passengers'comforts.

Parallel handrail driving device

Parallel handrail drive device can reduce friction and electricity loss.

User-friendly design

The user-friendly design of the small tilt comb will be convenient for the shopping cart in and out.

Angle steel structure

Apply angle steel structure with strong load capacity which can improve the stability of the whole machine, and extend the using durability.

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