FUJISJ Efficient And Futional Car Elevator Pro

Fujisj series car elevator applies full computer intelligent control system, and fully guarantees the safety and reliability of the running quality. It’s the ideal lifting transportation for car swift moving in the parking lot.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 3000KG~5000KG
Speed 0.5M/S~1.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 60M


The ultra high and large entry space

The world advanced technology is adopted. According to the special requirements of car in the space and performance, the super wide lift car for 2.4 meters super large depth of space for 6 meters are designed specially with higher flexibility, reliability, good convenience for various kinds of cars parking.

The counter-weight device

Have overload protection, correctly reflecting the load information of elevator when the lift car is partially loaded and asking the users to adjust loading and improve the traction conditions of the elevator.

The dedicated circuit control and display system

A special circuit control and display system, which is convenient for the driver in the car and the driver waiting outside the car.

Safety guiding device

The floor in the lift car has safety guiding device to ensure the safety of elevator and car.

3D light curtain

For caring your car more, we apply 3D light curtain so as to protect the car access safety fully.

User-friendly control panel

For your convenient operation,we apply user-friendly operation panel design so the drivers can operate the elevator in the car.

Safe guiding

We apply safe guiding device in the car bottom to ensure the safety of the elevator and your car.


We apply specialized circuit control and display system for your knowing the elevator using information at anytime.

Front and rear opening design

You can choose the optional front and rear opening design for your car accessing convenience.

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