FUJISJ Performance and Reliability Freight Elevator Pro

From performance to details, Fujisj is an ideal carrier for the vertical transport of goods. Whether it be industrial buildings, shopping centers, department stores, warehouses or stations, wharfs and other places, Fujisj can carry the goods in all the above places, and at the same time, Fujisj can provide quality services with leading technology.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 1000KG~5000KG
Speed 0.5M/S~1.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 60M


With advantages of being safe and reliable, high structure strength, endurable, smooth running and wide open width etc., FUJISJ cargo elevator is becoming the perfect choice to transport goods in factory, warehouse, shopping mall, logistic center and exhibition center etc., and able to work under any strict working condition.

Global safety standards

Fujisj cargo elevator conforms to the global safety standards, and invariably takes passengers and goods safety as the first element of structural design.

High strength plate

The bending forming technology of high strength plate ensures the car to be strong and durable. After multiple tests of destructiveness and reliability, it can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Superstrong carrying capacity

The tractor, safety tongs and over-speed governor all adopt the international standard, which is of higher security level and larger brake  torque, the good intelligent properties can be guaranteed, and the large-tonnage transportation security can be ensured.

Skid-resistant patterned floor at the car platform

The whole car platform is specially consolidated, the steel plates with skid-resistant patterns are used to effectively remit the impacts to the car platform from the goods, it improves the working condition of elevator, and guarantees the safety of both the elevator and the goods.

Powerful impetus of main engine

Adopt the high-capacity main engine design, which increases the capacity of frequency converter, the performance is more remark-able and the power is stronger.

The solid and durable lift car

High strength material is used in the lift car manufacturing to make sure the solid and durable lift car can work in different severe environments.

Wide door-opening distance

Multiple folding door is adopted to achieve the maximum opening width and easy moving in and out of large goods.

Excellent torque characteristics

The biggest characteristic of Desenk freight elevators' VVVF speed regulation is the constant torque characteristic, regardless of the heavy load, its running speed, comfort feeling, and leveling accuracy.

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