FUJISJ Safe and Adaptable Hospital Elevator Pro

Hospital elevators are supporting medical equipment provided for hospitals, nursing homes and other buildings. They are mainly used for transporting passengers, hospital bed stretchers and ambulance medical equipment. Compared with traditional passenger elevators, medical elevators are more conducive to doctors and patients interms of design structure and elevator functions.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 1600KG
Speed 1.0M/S~1.75M/S
Maximum lifting height 90M


FUJISJ Hostital Elevator meets the requirements of customers to the maximum degree, providing a fast and safe passenge for life with humanistic design theory.

Multiple door openning methods

The design of three different hall doors including side openning, middle fraction and the hollow through of front and back cope with the needs of different building structures in hospitals flexibly.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Aovid electromagnetic wave interference from medical devices to intervene elevator signal, meeting the requirements of medical system.

Optimize car structure

Apply humanistic design with super large depth and load, easily contain wheelchairs, stretchers and beds, making it easier for passenger to use.

Antibacterial process

All stainless steel plates in the car are treated with anti-fingerprint technology, which is easy to clean and prevents bacterial contamination, which is very suitable for the cleaning environment of hospitals.

Ultraviolet ray automatic sterilizing(optional)

When the elevator is empty, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing unit starts up automatically to efficiently eliminate bacteria to guarantee cleaning of the car.

Unique curve operation mode

The unique curve operation mode can smoothly adjust the elevator speed, greatly improving the comfort and leveling accuracy of the elevator during operation, and reducing operating noise.

Dual 32-bit main control system platform

(1) Military-grade standards, CPU control data and information data transmission are reliable and efficient, and have strong anti-interference ability;
(2) The integration of MCU and fieldbus technology improves the safety and stability of the control system;
(3) Introduce CAN bus technology to reduce the burden on the main control system and increase system security;
(4) Direct docking technology is adopted to provide passengers with a more perfect sense of comfort.

VVVF variable frequency door machine system

The advanced VVVF frequency conversion control technology is applied to the elevator door machine system, allowing the elevator to open and close the door in a more stable state, and automatically adjusts the most suitable opening and closing speed for each floor to ensure safety and reliability. Between opening and closing, it shows nobility.
(1) The door operator responds faster and shortens the door opening and closing time;
(2) Continuously optimize the door opening speed and automatically adjust the operating curve;
(3) Sine wave drive, control accuracy is one ten thousandth, and low noise;
(4) Automatic learning of door opening width, no mechanical contacts, reducing door system failures.

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