FUJISJ Reliable and Efficient Hospital Elevator Basic

Hospital elevators are supporting medical equipment provided for hospitals, nursing homes and other buildings. They are mainly used for transporting passengers, hospital bed stretchers and ambulance medical equipment. Compared with traditional passenger elevators, medical elevators are more conducive to doctors and patients interms of design structure and elevator functions.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 1600KG
Speed 1.0M/S~1.75M/S
Maximum lifting height 90M


FUJISJ Hospital Elevator meets the needs of customers to the greatest extent with humanized design concepts, and builds a fast and safe life channel for doctors and patients.

Various ways to open doors

Three different halls such as the opening, medium division, and penetration of front and back penetration are flexibly cope with the needs of different building structures in the hospital.

Intimate technology creates a model of personalized charm

It adopts the most cutting-edge permanent magnet synchronous gearless electric traction technology. Its automatic lighting technology, dual 32-bit microcomputer elevator control system, digital frequency conversion technology, etc. fully consider human needs to provide you with the most comfortable riding experience. It is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings and public buildings and other high-end places.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Avoid the interference of medical instruments on the electromagnetic waves of elevator signals and meet the needs of the medical department.

VVVF digital variable frequency drive

The elevator drive system adopts mature frequency conversion speed regulation technology to make the elevator control more intelligent, improve the elevator drive control performance, improve the elevator operation quality, effectively save energy, reduce losses, and achieve stable and efficient operation. It adopts a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, uses rare earth materials, and fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control, resulting in lower operating costs and low energy dissipation.

Optimize the car structure

Using an oversized and ultra -strong humanized design, it can easily accommodate wheelchairs, stretchers, and sick beds, making users enter and exit more freely.

Control box for the disabled(optional)

Add up a control box exclusive for the disabled, with highly-rational buttons height and braille sign, easy for sensing and for the disabled to operate to guarantee accessible taking.

Delayed door closing

Delay the time for closing with a simple button for medical personnel and patients to access simply.

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