FUJISJ Safety and Security Freight Elevator Basic

From performance to details, Fujisj is an ideal carrier for the vertical transport of goods. Whether it be industrial buildings, shopping centers, department stores, warehouses or stations, wharfs and other places, Fujisj can carry the goods in all the above places, and at the same time, Fujisj can provide quality services with leading technology.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 1000KG~5000KG
Speed 0.5M/S~1.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 60M


Fujisj Freight Elevator has the advantages of safety and reliability, high structural strength, wear resistance, smooth operation, and large door opening distance. It has become an ideal choice for transporting goods in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, logistics centers, exhibition centers, etc., and can be used in various harsh conditions. Transport work in an environment.

Global safety standards

Fujisj freight elevator complies with global safety standards, and always regards the safety of passengers and cargo as the first element of structural design.

Solid and durable car

The car is manufactured using high-strength profiles and has undergone multiple destructive and reliability tests to ensure that the car is strong and durable and can transport goods in various harsh environments. It can meet the needs of different working conditions.

Super carrying capacity

The traction machine, safety gear, and speed limiter all adopt international standards, with a higher safety level, and the brake torque is increased, ensuring good intelligent performance and ensuring the safety of large-tonnage transportation.

Anti-skid patterned floor at the bottom of the car

The entire car bottom is specially reinforced and uses anti-slip patterned steel plates to effectively alleviate the impact of cargo on the car bottom, improve the working conditions of the elevator, and ensure the dual safety of the elevator and cargo.

The host is powerful

Using a large-capacity host design, the inverter capacity is increased, the performance is more excellent, and the power is strong.

The door opening distance is large

The multi-fold car door is adopted to achieve the maximum door opening width, which facilitates the entry and exit of large goods.

Excellent torque characteristics

The biggest feature of VVVF speed regulation is the constant torque characteristics. Regardless of light or heavy load, its operating speed, comfort, and leveling accuracy are not affected.

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