FUJISJ Reliable and Modern Observation Elevator Basic

Fujisj Observation Elevator perfectly combines modern aesthetics with elevator design, providng various exterior shapes and interior decoration solutions, making elevators a flowing scenery in mordern buildings.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 800KG~1000KG
Speed 1.0M/S~1.75M/S
Maximum lifting height 90M


Through the digital aesthetic power of science and technology, Fujisj Observation Elevator works at perfect process with great care. It can offer passengers a safe and comfortable ride, a beautiful serendipity in the leisure. it satisfies people is desire to overlook the city from a flowing eyesight.

Perfect technology realize the classic softness

With Selective materials and perfect manufacturing process, Fujisj elevator reflects soft texture in detail. Together with modern science and technology, it takes you to appreciate the perfect quality of the city and architecture.

Humanized science and technology unbosom quietness and peace

With a large area of safety glass and harmonious atmosphere, Fujisj elevator give you the most comfortable space to speak freely and enable you to get a good view of the vertical flowing unique scenery of the city.

Electromagnetic radiation is extremely low

The anti-interference technology of the control cabinet and the control system have fully passed the electromagnetic compatibility EMC test required by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC255 to ensure the stable operation of the elevator without extreme interference from peripheral equipment, and the extremely low electromagnetic radiation minimizes the harm to the human body caused by electromagnetic radiation. The control cabinet uses a silent contactor to reduce noise pollution.

Pollution-free elevator

The permanent magnet synchronous tractor needs no oil-injection, so the machine room is free from oil pollution. Imported bilaterally sealed bearing is applied at the rotating parts, no leakage shall occur. Special oil box is designed for well lubrication, it is able to provide reasonable amount of oil according to the operation. And the special anti-drip design is able to keep the well clean.

Optimization of vibration reduction and noise reduction

The interlayer in the laminated glass has the function of anti radiation, which can buffer the sound wave vibration and achieve the effect of sound insulation.

Multiple solutions

All glass, glass back wall, part of glass side wall and all glass side wallare provided to meet customers' thermal decoration requirements. According to different styles of buildings, horseshoe type or exquisite car can be selected to add infinite aesthetic feeling to the building during the transportation.

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