FUJISJ Reliable and Safe Passenger Elevator Basic

Passenger elevator is a vertical lift powered by an electric motor, used to take people in multi-story buildings. Fuji Elevator adopts stable drive design, reliable control system and personalized decoration design to create quiet, smooth and safe elevator products for the world.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 450KG~2000KG
Speed 1.0M/S~8.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 380M


Diversified configuration meets the needs of diversified

The full series of specifications and the form of cars, diverse decoration and human -machine interfaces.

Cutting-edge technology achieves stability and safety

With smooth lifting and humanized opening and closing modes, FUJISJ insists on using the most cutting-edge technology to achieve your comfortable riding experience and protect your health and safety.

Dual 32-digit master system platform

(1) Military rank standard, reliable and efficient transmission of CPU controlled datas and information datas, strong anti-jamming capability;
(2) Merge MCU and fieldbus technology together, improve the safety and stability of the control system;
(3) Introduce CAN fieldbus technology, decrease burden of the main control system, increase the safety of the system;
(4) Apply direct stop technology, give the customers more perfect sense of comfort.

VVVF variable frequency door operator system

(1)Response more faster, shorten the time of opening and closing door;
(2)Continuously optimize the opening door speed, automatically adjust the operating curve;
(3)Sine wave drive, control accuracy is one over ten thousand, low noise;
(4)Automatic learning door open width, no mechanical contact point, reduce the failure of door system.

SMR Passenger elevator

(1)The elevator can be customized with the same machine room area as the shaft, effectively saving the machine room area;
(2)Energy-efficient--- The starting current of the main engine is small, the transmission is efficient and energy saving, the cost of the elevator is decreased for daily use;
(3)Simple and easy maintenance--- Change the traditional machine room's fixed mode, update flexibly, replace easily.

LED lighting

The LED lighting device in the carin has soft and bright light, low heat, safe, efficient, and has no radiation, which is conducive to long-term use. The system automatically goes out when the elevator is idle and is not in use, making it green and environmentally friendly.

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