FUJISJ Safe and Energy-saving Villa Elevator

The usage of home lift offer more covinient way to resident to up and dwon stairs,especially for old people and children.We have been deeply involved in producing the most safe villa lift,that’s the basic of home elevator.As time progressed,people have higher requirements for lift in their home,such as beautiful appearance,save space,quite,energy saving and so on.

Product Detail

Villa image

FUJISJ elevator focus on requests from client and elevator market,committed to using technology to achieve product advancement.Include residential elevator,more and more client value appearance and space.For new thoughts that make the biggest cabin with the smallest shaft.If you are looking for exquisite and safe elevator,we are not the luxury elevator brand, while FUJISJ elevator is the most suitable one.


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Controller without contactors,no noise

Whatever in day or night,whateve your baby or pet is sleeping,people always need a quite enviroment in own home.FUJISJ elevator controller cabinet without electric contactors, that means no voice during lift running.Enjoy each moment in home life.

smallest lift pit

Did you consider the pit when you build your house?If not,don’t worry!The minimum 10cm pit is enough for us to make a complete lift solution.If you want to see sample site,or need small lift design drawing,please feel free to contact us.

The most beautiful elevator

Luxury journey through the most wonderful elevator car decoration.The decoration design takes into account the beliefs, customs and style preferences of different countries:luxurious,elegant,concise,colourful and other customized plan.FUJISJ decoration, know what you think and need,find the most suitable way to integrate your ideas, you will have a fascinating experience from cabin artistic customization.

Steel belt home elevator

Fuji elevator applies the more enegy-saving,environment protection and durable composite wire cable.It matches with multiple leading international technologies such as effective engery-saving host,variable frequency door machine,safe and reliable light curtain door protection device etc.It brings vertical transport elevator development into a new stage.

Villa Elevator Decoration

Hairline, titanium, etching, mirror and other processes, Each has its own characteristics and is perfectly integrated with the car decoration. Meet your discerning eyes.Heart technology, exquisite patterns, to the noble for the orientation of the refined and elegant, perfect interpretation of fashion meaning, bringing luxury artistic enjoyment.

High space utilization

The same building space obtains the largest bearing space, and the same bearing space requires the least building space.

Fuji home lift adopts humanized design and is suitable for the installation of multiple villas or duplex floor structures. As long as there is a small space, we can have our high-quality elevator products.

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