FUJISJ Safe and Efficient Observation Elevator Pro

Fujisj Observation Elevator perfectly combines modern aesthetics with elevator design, providng various exterior shapes and interior decoration solutions, making elevators a flowing scenery in mordern buildings.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 800KG~1000KG
Speed 1.0M/S~1.75M/S
Maximum lifting height 90M


Demonstrating the power of science and technology through digital aesthetics, and creating perfect craftsmanship with meticulous care, it aims to provide passengers with the safest and most comfortable riding experience, allowing you to get the most beautiful accidents in your leisure time, and realize people's desire to overlook the scenery from a flowing vision.

Advanced technology creates a new riding experience

Relying on the optional system monitoring interface, while maintaining the elevator, its fault self-diagnosis and storage functions can be used to quickly eliminate accidental faults.
(1) Group control management system. That is, the centralized control of multiple elevators. The system uses the best algorithm to calculate which elevator is the most economical and reasonable to respond to the call signal at each moment, thereby allocating the most suitable elevator to respond, shortening passenger waiting time, saving electricity, and improving operation. efficiency.
(2) Light curtain protection, safety barrier. Taking personnel safety as the first priority, we use sensitive and dense infrared light curtains to form a light curtain protection safety net at the elevator door. It can respond sensitively to any person or object entering its control plane and has high safety performance.

Pollution-free elevator

The permanent magnet synchronous traction machine does not require oil filling, the machine room is free of oil stains, and the rotating parts use imported double-sided sealed bearings without leakage. The special oil box design for well lubrication can provide a reasonable amount of oil according to operating conditions, and the special anti-drip design keeps the well clean.

Multiple solutions

It provides all-glass, glass back wall, partial glass side wall and all-glass side wall configurations to meet various decoration requirements of customers. Depending on the style of the building, you can choose a horseshoe-shaped or square car, which adds infinite beauty to the building during transportation.

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