FUJISJ Efficient and Innovative Passenger Elevator Pro

Passenger elevator is a vertical lift powered by an electric motor, used to take people in multi-story buildings. Fujisj Elevator  adopts stable drive design, reliable control system and personalized decoration design to create quiet, smooth and safe elevator products for the world.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 450KG~2000KG
Speed 1.0M/S~8.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 380M


Outstanding Riding Experience

The foaming cabin and silent brake system create a quiet and comfortable riding environment;

Various Configuration Matches Different Needs

All serial specification and cabin models, various decoration and human machine interface designs meet different needs.

Smooth and comfortable operation

A gentle operation system is specially designed for passengers. The most comfortable speed operation curve makes the door opening and closing operation smoother.

The fourth-generation of green energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous traction machine

(1) Save more energy than the traditional traction machine. Reduce the elevator's running cost;
(2) Large torque, low noise, and maintenance-free;
(3) Compact structure, convenient installation, saving machine room space;
(4) Automatic over-speed protection function of permanent magnet synchronous technology, making the elevator safer and more reliable;

Machine roomless elevator

(1) Industry-leading MRL technology.
The ultra-thin traction machine is placed on the side wall of the shaft, and the control cabinet is placed on the top floor, eliminating the area of the machine room, saving building space and construction costs, and leaving room for architects.
(2) Machine roomless exclusive ultra-thin traction machine.
It adopts ultra-thin traction machine and can be flexibly placed in the hoistway to adapt to installation in various building environments.
(3) The machine room-less passenger elevator takes "low energy consumption" as the standard, fully considers the utilization rate and cost of building space, adopts a compact layout and flexible design style, and cleverly integrates into various buildings, it is the first choice for modern individualized buildings.

VVVF digital variable frequency drive

The elevator drive system adopts mature frequency conversion speed regulation technology to make the elevator control more intelligent, improve the elevator drive control performance, improve the elevator operation quality, effectively save energy, reduce losses, and achieve stable and efficient operation. It adopts a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, uses rare earth materials, and fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control, resulting in lower operating costs and low energy dissipation.

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