FUJISJ Safety and Convenient Car Elevator Basic

Fujisj series car elevator applies full computer intelligent control system, and fully guarantees the safety and reliability of the running quality. It’s the ideal lifting transportation for car swift moving in the parking lot.

Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Load 3000KG~5000KG
Speed 0.5M/S~1.0M/S
Maximum lifting height 60M


Super high and large access space

It adopts the world's advanced technology and is specially designed according to the special needs of cars in terms of space and performance. The 2.4-meter ultra-wide car and 6-meter ultra-large depth have higher flexibility and reliability, making it convenient for all types of cars to park with peace of mind.

Counterweight device

Realize overload protection, correctly reflect the elevator load information when the car is overloaded, allowing passengers to adjust the load in time, and improve the elevator traction conditions.

Dedicated circuit control and display system

The specialized circuit control and display system is convenient for both the driver inside the car and the driver waiting outside the car.

Safety guide device

There is a safety guide device on the ground inside the car to ensure the safety of the elevator and the car.

Protect your car

In order to better protect your car, a 3D light curtain is used to protect the safety of car entry and exit in all aspects.

User-friendly control panel

In order to facilitate your operation, the user-friendly control panel design is adopted, so the driver can operate the elevator in the car.

Safety guide

The bottom of the car adopts safety guide settings to ensure the safety of the elevator and car.


Dedicated circuit control and display system makes it easy for you to know the elevator information at all times.

Front and rear through-door design

Optional front and rear through-door design facilitates quick entry and exit of the car.

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